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 February - March Session

Here are the three classes we are offering for the 5-week session that begins on February 25. Please sign up for your choice on the form at the bottom of this page so that we can allocate classroom space according to the numbers.


Learning From Old Dead Guys - pt 1
 (Nick Clark)

There's an old saying that comes up when studying history; that is, if you don't know history you're doomed to repeat it. That being said, we're going to be exploring the time from Pentecost up through about the Middle Ages. Not as an academic study but trying to really pull out the practical implications that were wrestled with then and how it impacts today. Let's see what those old dead guys have to teach us! Maybe along the way we will learn some of their names and how they contributed to the faith we embrace today. [This class may be full; indicate your second choice in the "Note" field.]


(Mark Anderson)

What is the good news of the Christian faith? Writing to the Galatians, Paul made it clear how easily we can be tempted to turn toward fraudulent gospels, especially those that teach we can earn God’s love through our works. Though they may have the appearance of truth, they are lifeless and leave us empty in the end.  We will be using short video segments from Kyle Idleman to fuel our own study and discussion as we dive deeper into how to live out our freedom in Christ.


"The Parable of the Ten Virgins"
(Bill Thompson)

Jesus often spoke of heaven.  The Parable of the Ten Virgins, the subject of this study, is rich in its context yet mysterious in its application.

The reward for diligent study of this parable of Jesus is a self-assessment of one's readiness to enter the wedding feast.  This seminar will be an in-depth Bible study of the Ten Virgins and companion parables from Matthew’s Gospel.


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