Who We Are

Trinity Bible Church was founded in 1977, meeting in Newbury until 1985 when we moved to our present location in South Sutton.  Our congregation reflects a wide range in age, vocation, spiritual background, and geography, as we come together from more than 10 towns in and around the Kearsarge region. There are both young families and older people, professionals and laborers, people from various denominational backgrounds and some with little or no previous church association.  All are welcome!


Here are some of our defining characteristics....

Non-denominational structure — We are not affiliated with any denomination or larger organization of churches, although we recognize our interdependence with other churches in the Body of Christ.  As an independent Bible church, we make every effort to let the Bible guide everything we do as a church.

Evangelical theology — The cornerstone of our belief and practice is the good news ("evangelion" in the original language of the New Testament) that our sins can be forgiven through Christ's death on the cross in our place.  (See What We Believe)

Biblical teaching — Because we believe that the Bible is God's word and that it is our ultimate source of truth, a regular time of substantive instruction and application from the Bible is a hallmark of our Sunday morning worship services.  (See Teaching Ministries)

Contemporary worship — While respecting the traditions of the historical Christian Church, in our worship services we seek to combine the musical styles familiar in today's world with the theological depth typical of traditional hymns.  (See Sunday Worship and Sundays: What to Expect)

Grace orientation — Because God has extended grace to us through Jesus, we extend grace to each other, not expecting anyone to have it all together, understanding that growth is a lifelong process, but committed to encouraging one another along the journey.