Virtual Christmas Eve Service

This will be the first Christmas Eve in many years that we're unable to gather at Trinity with our families, friends, neighbors, and one another for our traditional "lessons and carols" service. Backed by choirs and a band, with candles at the ready for Silent Night, we have annually appreciated singing the familiar songs about the arrival in Bethlehem and hearing the Scriptures once again that speak of the Savior's birth.

Since COVID and common sense would hinder us this year from coming together en masse for the service, we have arranged to bring the Christmas Eve service to you! Over the past several weeks, our choirs have rehearsed and recorded their contributions either virtually or with appropriate distancing. We've done the same for the Scripture readings (we'll see a few familiar faces we haven't seen for awhile), and Mark's Christmas devotional is ready to go on video. We've compiled all of that together and uploaded it to our YouTube channel, where you can view it anytime starting at 3 pm on Christmas Eve (or anytime thereafter).

Here's the link for that.

To help you refocus on the "good tidings of great joy," we invite you to set aside a half hour (-ish) at some point during your family's Christmas celebration to "attend" this virtual service. You can sing along with the carols (lyrics will be on the screen), and if you want you can even get out some candles for Silent Night at the end.