Church Retreat: Top Moments

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Our upcoming Church Family Retreat will be our 10th year of this annual event at Singing Hills, so we're celebrating by collecting some of your memories of what you consider the "top retreat moments" through these years. If you've been a part of one or more TBC retreats, would you take a minute or two to list up to five memories that stand out in your mind? They can be things that made you laugh, or things that helped you grow, or a particular speaker or puzzle or game or activity that you appreciated, or one of our regular weekend features that we do every year, or something about Singing Hills, or a meaningful conversation you had there, or......  You get the idea — it's wide open: what are your all-time highlights over these past 10 years?

Use the form below to share one to five of your best memories, and we'll put those together see which ones rise to the top.  If other members of your family would like to give their own answers, please invite them to do so.  (Just don't "stuff the ballot box" by submitting your own Top Five more than once.)

We'll share the results at the retreat, and maybe we'll also post them on the website as well.  Thanks for your input!

Top Retreat Moments

Reflecting on 10 years of Weird Herd church family retreats