Elder/Deacon Nominations Announced

At the conclusion of the worship service on Sunday, May 19, Trinity's membership will have the opportunity to vote "yes" or "no" for each person nominated for either elder or deacon.  This is an important piece of the process to confirm the selection of the church's leaders, according to the standards outlined in the New Testament.  Elders are spiritual leaders who share the responsibility of shepherding the flock.  Deacons exercise leadership related to the church's ministries of mercy and in matters of our physical facilities.

ELDERS: Jim Dudley is up for a three-year term, as he will soon have completed his first term of one year.  (Tom Brown and Phil Sprunger each have one more year on their current term, while pastors Doug Dean and Mark Anderson are elders ex officio.)

DEACONS:  All three of our first-year deacons have agreed to serve another term if confirmed by the vote: Scott Blasingame and Brian Pauling for two years, and  Dan Thompson for three years.  Veteran deacon Keith Hall is on the ballot for a one-year term, which he will serve until his anticipated relocation to Tennessee sometime in the next twelve months.   (Mike Walls' and Glen Moyer's terms come up for renewal in 2014.)

To be confirmed for office, a nominee must receive a "yes" vote from 75% of members present and voting.  (Note: the nominees are not running against each other; if all receive 75% or more affirmative votes, all will serve in their respective leadership position.)