Livestreaming Link

The virtual worship service on March 26 can be accessed at this link, starting a few minutes before 10:00 am on Sunday.

Last updated at: March 26th, 2023

Nominations Announced

In June, members of Trinity Bible Church will have opportunity to confirm the following nominations:

For elder: Tom Brown for a 3-year term and Phil Sprunger for 1 year. (Nick Clark's current term does not expire until 2022.)

For deacon: Steve Bailey and Chris Hernick, each for a 2-year term. (Scott Blasingame, PJ Cole, and Brian Pauling have another year on their present term.)

Voting will be open on Sundays from June 14 to June 28.  If you will not be here on a Sunday due to COVID, you can 1) come here during the week from 11 am to 4 pm (call first) or 2) email Mark or Doug and we can mail you a ballot via USPS (return by June 26). Each nominee must be confirmed by at least 75% of those voting.

With this election we want to acknowledge Glen Moyer for his 14 years continuous service as a deacon. Glen has decided to take a well-deserved break from that role as his current term expires in June, but will be actively supporting the deacons' ministry from the sidelines.