Nominations Announced

Trinity's elders are pleased to announce the following nominations for the leadership positions of elder and deacon. The members of Trinity Bible Church will have the opportunity to confirm each of these with a vote after the worship service on Sunday, June 2. To be elected to their respective offices, each candidate needs a 75% positive vote from the members.

Current elders Tom Brown and Nick Clark are on the slate to serve for additional terms of 1 year and 3 years, respectively, and we've asked Thom Smith to join the leadership team with an initial one-year term. Elders are spiritual leaders who collectively share the responsibility of shepherding the flock. Phil Sprunger's current term continues one more year, and both pastors serve as elders by virtue of their ministry role in the church.

Paul (PJ) Cole has agreed to continue as a deacon for a 2 year term, pending confirmation by the membership. After taking a year off, Brian Pauling is back for another 2 years, and we're adding two new faces to the band of deacons: Steve Bailey and Chris Hernick, each starting with one year. Deacons provide practical leadership especially in the areas of the church's physical facilities and in some of the caring ministries such as the benevolence fund. Glen Moyer's and Scott Blasingame's current deacon terms do not expire this year.

Voting members of the church are asked to evaluate each of these nominees based on the biblical standards for church leaders in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and to vote accordingly on June 2.