Construction Progress

The parking lot expansion began on Monday, November 5, and is part of a larger facilities expansion plan for TBC which in the future will also include three new classrooms and additional storage space on the north end of the current building.  As for now, the new parking arrangement will provide 50% more parking space and an improved exit to help improve the flow of traffic.  The current plan is to have the additional parking space available by the time winter weather arrives.

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The Work Begins

The work begins


Clearing for the Widened Driveway

Clearing for the widened driveway








The Opened-Up Entrance

The opened-up entrance


Entrance With Fewer Trees

Entrance with fewer trees





Power Tools

Power tools


Burning the brush


Pipe delivery


Excavating the new parking area


Trucking out the excavated material


The level of the new parking lot


Catch basins arrive


Widening the existing lot


Digging the detention basin


Installing the new road sign

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