Cross Training Classes




 Fall 2018 Session

Here are the three classes we are offering for the 8-week session that begins on September 9. Please sign up for your choice on the form at the bottom of this page so that we can allocate classroom space according to the numbers.

Not a Fan: for teens (Mark Anderson)

If Jesus were to sit down with you right now and have a DTR (Define the Relationship) conversation, how would you respond? Are you truly his follower or just a fan—or perhaps someone who doesn’t even care about the difference? Using materials by Kyle Idleman, Not a Fan for Teens will invite us to make Jesus not merely the object of our admiration, but the very center of our lives.

The Lord's Prayer (Tom Brown)

In this 8-week session we will take a deep dive into the response Jesus gave his followers when they asked him to teach them to pray.  Today as followers of Jesus we also would do well to make that same request of Jesus — Lord, teach us to pray — and then pay close attention to the response.  While the prayer itself is short, it is filled with things to be learned, concepts to be pondered and ways to make a difference in this very important part of our lives as God’s children — children needing communication with our Father in heaven.


Teaching to Change Lives (Doug Dean) 

Whether you're a parent, a small group leader, a coach or teacher, a mentor or ministry volunteer, God gives tremen- dous opportunities to inspire, to instruct, and to positively and permanently impact lives for the kingdom of God. This class will explore 7 principles foundational to effective teaching and learning, as outlined in Howard Hendricks' classic book on the subject. Participants will read a chapter each week, and class sessions will include group exercises to help each teacher apply the principles to their own unique context. Class is full. You may still select this class to be added to a waiting list, but please also indicate your second choice in the optional "Note" field.

Cross Training - Class Selection

Use this form to sign up for one of the electives in the upcoming session of Cross Training (9:30 on Sundays).