Cross Training Classes




 November - December 2019 Session

A 5-week session that begins on November 24.   

A note regarding this session of Cross Training:
While we usually offer a choice of three classes for Cross Training, the construction project is anticipated to impact the availability of our third room for part of this class.  Therefore, we have the following two classes for November and December.

The Christmas Experience  
(Mark Anderson)

Come and see the very familiar Christmas story in fresh new ways!  Thevideo curriculum we will be using combines a dramatic re-telling of the story with  teaching from Kyle Idleman to help us prepare our hearts to celebrate Christmas.  We will examine the Christmas story in detail, emphasizing how God chose each individual in the Christmas story for a specific purpose.  Please join us as we see how what happened then changes everything now.
Christmas Choir Bootcamp
(Hannah Hernick)

If you’ll be singing with the choir at this year’s Christmas Eve services, please join us for this class! Designed to complement the afternoon run-through rehearsals, these five sessions will give us the opportunity to spend more time working on parts and fine-tuning (pun intended!) the songs. Whether you’re a choir “rookie” or a sight-reading pro, whether you struggle to learn your part or you’d just enjoy more time to sing together, please join us!



Cross Training - Class Selection

Use this form to sign up for one of the electives in the upcoming session of Cross Training (9:30 on Sundays).