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 November 2018 Session

Here are the three offerings for the 6-week session that begins on November 11. Please sign up for your choice on the form at the bottom of this page so that we can allocate classroom space according to the numbers.

The Company We Keep - In Search of Biblical Friendship  (Philip Sprunger)

Friendship: it's one of the simplest of human relationships in comparison to marriage or family relationships, yet it's one of the least understood and practiced. For all of our progress in making connections through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, people are consistently experiencing loneliness and growing disenchanted with the whole notion of friendship. Could it be that our understanding of friendship has been more informed by pop culture and social media, and less informed by the vision of friendship offered in Scripture? Is it possible that friendship exists for a greater purpose than merely our enjoyment and comfort? Does real friendship involve more than just hanging out on a weekend, participating in a book club, or hitting the golf course together?  Join us as we explore these questions and more in this book study by Jonathan Holmes. 

Navigating the Old Testament (Nick Clark)

Have you ever wondered how to find your way through and understand parts of the Old Testament that have challenged and perplexed you? This course will be a road map through the Old Testament and chart a course for future reading of Scripture. Once we have our bearings we will explore some lesser known portions of the Old Testament and even give you the tools to do some exploring yourself. 

Christmas Choir Bootcamp (Hannah Hernick)

If you’re interested in singing with the choir at this year’s Christmas Eve services, consider signing up for Cross Training’s first-ever music class. Designed to complement the afternoon run-through rehearsals, these six sessions will give us the opportunity to spend more time working on parts and fine-tuning (pun intended!) the songs. Whether you’re a choir “rookie” or a sight-reading pro, whether you struggle to learn your part or you’d just enjoy more time to sing together, please join us!

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