CT Class Suggestions

To facilitate our growth as well-rounded, fully equipped followers of Jesus, Trinity's Cross Training classes on Sunday mornings seek to address a variety of topics not typically covered in our Sunday sermons. These may include:

  • training in a particular skill related to ministry or discipleship
  • biblical perspective on some aspect of our engagement with the culture
  • material designed to help us with parenting or to strengthen our marriages
  • exploration of a particular area of biblical theology
  • encouragement in some aspect of our daily walk with Christ.

construction_hardhat_with_clipboard_final_400_clr_8593To help us identify potential topics or questions that we might want to consider for future Cross Training sessions, the elders would welcome your suggestions. What are some things that would be especially helpful for you?  Is there something about the Bible, or about God, or about life, that's been nagging at you? Some area where you've realized you could use a little practical "how to" reinforcement?

Use the form below to give us one or more of your ideas.


  • ( Include a brief description or explanation for any that may not be obvious from your title or topic. )