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Last updated at: March 26th, 2023

Financial Peace Testimonies

This will be the fourth time that we have run Financial Peace University at Trinity.  Below are comments from folks in our own church and community who have participated in the Financial Peace classes.

“We were so worried about spending the $99 on the class. Could we really afford to go? Turns out we couldn’t afford not to. Not only did we save the cost of the class many times over, but also we have been able to start giving more. Wish we’d learned these principles years ago!”

“It never feels good to be lost or unsure. FPU completely changed my way of thinking about money. It gave me the tools and taught me how to use them well enough so that I can do it!”

“The initial awkwardness of learning how to manage my finances was soon outweighed by the peace of having a plan based on reality and knowledge of where I was.”

“It was a great time to get to know folks and find another way to support one another in love with a subject that God is pretty serious about.”

“My greatest benefit was learning discipline on the use of credit cards. Before FPU if I needed gas and had just a few dollars, I’d fill up on a credit card and add it to my balance. Now I won’t use my card. Instead, I put those few dollars into the tank and make it last til payday. Hooray for discipline!”

“Slowly, over time, we regained hope. First a glimmer, and then it became brighter. We have a plan for our money now and are living intentionally instead of reactively.”

“We really couldn’t see huge change the first couple of weeks with our budget, but the snowball had started. Looking back I can see that the first couple of weeks on the budget were the most crucial. Now we wouldn’t think about not being on a budget. And it has really helped our marriage. We don’t fight about money nearly as much anymore.”

“Believing what God has to say about finance and integrating it into our lives was just the tip of the iceberg. I started managing my time and possessions better, getting rid of junk and stuff that wasn’t useful and getting between me and my relationship with God. Even my health fitness and eating habits began to change as the principles of being financially fit worked deeper into different aspects of my life.”