Sunday Worship

Our Sunday morning services (10:00 for this Summer) offer contemporary worship in a relaxed atmosphere, an opportunity to connect with others, and a message from the Bible that applies God’s truth to our lives today.

Contemporary Worship — While respecting the traditions of the historical Christian Church, in our worship services we seek to combine the musical styles familiar in today’s world with the theological depth typical of traditional hymns.  Both in our selection of songs and in our instrumentation we seek to reflect the multifaceted richness of God as he has revealed himself.

Relaxed Atmosphere — Since the worship service is the one time each week when the whole church family gathers in one place, we recognize that we're together to meet with God as well as to meet with one another.  People dress comfortably, greet each other warmly, and engage, as they're able, in the lyrics of the songs, projected on a screen above the worship team.

Opportunity to Connect — There is time for informal conversation during a 5-minute break in the service (currently on hold during the COVID situation) when younger children transition to their program downstairs, and many people hang around for extended fellowship after the service ends.  (Our small groups ministry provides a deeper level of sharing in a context where people know each other better.)

Biblical Message — An important feature of our worship service each Sunday is a 30-minute (more or less) sermon that is rooted in God's word and geared towards genuine heart change and life transformation. See Teaching Ministries.

As part of our worship, once a month (generally the first Sunday) we celebrate communion, remembering Christ's sacrifice in our place through the symbols of the Lord's Table (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

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