Other Resources for Growth

Growing is a key part of becoming more Christlike as explained in our vision to "grow" in grace.  As Christians our ultimate source of information should be the Bible, but there are many other tools and resources that can help us in our quest.  Along with our Right Now Training subscription (described on its own page), check out these resources:

Church Library

Trinity has a lending library that's worth browsing.  It's a fairly small collection, but you'll find books covering a variety of issues, reference materials, and even some audio materials.  The library is located in the small classroom just off the main foyer.


General Bible Study

  • Bible Gateway – many translations of the Bible available online
  • Our Daily Bread – you can pick up a physical copy of this daily devotional at Trinity or subscribe/browse online
  • Bible.org – many helpful studies, and home of the NET Bible translation
  • Dr. Constable's Study Notes - one of Doug's seminary profs provides helpful commentary on every book of the Bible

Marriage & Family

  • Family Life – in addition to events like the Art of Marriage and Weekend to Remember, Family Life's website offers articles and newsletters geared to many life stages and challenges
  • Focus on the Family – helping families thrive

Especially For Men

Especially For Women

Theology & Culture

  • Desiring God – God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper
  • Probe Ministries – Christian scholars, analyzing and challenging contemporary culture...Presenting balanced, reasoned, biblical information...Influencing the culture for Christ
  • The Table Podcast – a weekly podcast from Dallas Seminary on topics relating to God, Christianity, religion, and culture