Operation Christmas Child

 It sounds like a fun adventure-filled children's book -- a dusty shoe box leaves a closet in New Hampshire and travels halfway across the globe filled with gifts for a child who really needs them.  By partnering with Samaritan's Purse and Operation Christmas Child, we help make this a reality.  In addition to the gifts (toys, toothpaste, coloring supplies, treats, etc.) local believers have an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Here is how it works - take one of the pre-printed shoe boxes available in the foyer and fill it with items.  There is a brochure inside the box that will serve as a guide as to what can be in the box and items to avoid.  (Avoid:  candy, liquids and toys that depict violence).  After filling the box, put in a check or cash for $9 in the envelope (found in the box) to cover shipping of the box.  Considering writing a personal note or card and placing it in the box.  Finally, return the box to TBC by the due date in November and it will be delivered to the relay station.  Working together, we can have an impact on children around the world!