Alicia Shedd

Serving With: Maranatha Ministries

Location: New Durham, NH

Ministry: Maranatha is a camp ministry that serves families and churches in the New England region. As Operations Director, Alicia is responsible for oversight of all daily operations, strategic planning, finance, volunteer programs, marketing, documentation, and administration.

Background: Alicia grew up here at Trinity Bible Church.  After college, she came home and served as a youth ministry leader and led the sound tech ministry for four years until her call to full-time ministry. She served for a number of years at Life Action Ministries in Michigan (alongside her sister and brother-in-law Scott and Andrea Salzman until 2020, when she moved back to New Hampshire to serve as Director of Operations at Maranatha Ministries.

Birthday: September 8

Address: 140 Merrymeeting Road, New Durham, NH 03855


You can view Alicia's newsletter archives here.