Cindy Benson

Serving withNavigators 

Cindy Benson 2013

Location: New Hampshire

Ministry: Evangelism and discipleship with students at Colby Sawyer College

Background:  Cindy works part time at Colby-Sawyer as a writing tutor, in addition to serving full time with the Navigators on the campus. Cindy and her late husband, Benny (who went to be with the Lord on January 31, 2013), began serving with the Navigators in 2004. Her primary focus is on advising the Navigators Christian Fellowship, as well as discipling and advising students both individually and in small groups.

Family & Birthdays: Cindy (Aug. 28). She has two adult daughters, Caren Swanson and Lindsey Allenby, and 4 grandchildren.

Address: P.O. Box 286, Andover, NH 03216

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