Cornel & Karen Bucur

Serving with: Pathway to Joy Ministries

Location: Oradea, Romania

Ministry: (a) Caring for orphans in a state-run institution, facilitating their transition into loving homes. (b) Church planting among gypsies in the Oradea region.

Background: Cornel was born in Oradea, Romania. He came to know the Lord as a teenager, and in the late 1970’s he spent a year and a half in a labor camp as a result of his involvement in ministry in a country gripped by atheism and Marxist philosophy. Karen, a Canadian, met Cornel in Bible School in the States. Cornel was instrumental in setting up Trinity’s involvement in Romania via two summer work projects in the 90’s.

Family & Birthdays: Cornel (Apr. 29); Karen (Aug. 28); Tori (May 23); Ben (Mar. 5); Alexandra (Jun. 17)

Address: Cornel & Karen Bucur / C.P. 30, OF.P. 7 / Strada Cuza Voda Nr. 85 / Oradea 3700 Romania


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