April 26 Virtual Worship Service

As we continue to gather apart on Sundays for the sake of our own health and that of our neighbors, here are some resources for worshiping at home with our own families. Some may find it helpful to play these at around our usual 10:45 start time in order to maintain a sense of normalcy in the schedule, but they're accessible at any time. For those with younger children, don't forget that we have some children's ministry materials available for you, and Mark is updating those each week.

Songs of Praise and Worship

These are the songs Tom has selected for this week. Just listen to the words and make them your prayer, or feel free to crank the volume and sing along. Each link will open a YouTube video in a new tab. Tom has included some comments, calling us to engage meaningfully and purposefully with each song. (You'll need to excuse any ads that may come up.)
  1. We begin today with worship and adoration to God Almighty who never changes. Every day that passes reminds us that we need an anchor for our souls. We need that grounding presence in our lives to hold us fast when change and uncertainty swirl around us. The chorus of this song is so appropriate for us to sing…"and right now in the good times and bad You are on Your throne You are God alone."
    You Are God Alone
  2. Along the same theme of being grounded, it's good to remind ourselves a part of seeing that happen is to make sure we're building our lives on a solid foundation. The lyrics of this song speak of worship and who our Lord is—that He alone is worthy of our praise. Then in the middle of the song we find our theme in these words, "I will build my life upon Your love, it is a firm foundation." Let's keep these words in mind not just as we listen or sing today, but in the days following this week.
    Build My Life
  3. The last song of our regular set is simply a reminder that we need the Lord—all the time.
    Lord I Need You
  4. BONUS SONG: If time and attention allow... Last week’s bonus song picked up on the idea of the power of the resurrection. In related fashion this week we’ll look at a song that speaks a little more broadly—the death, burial and resurrection. In varying ways each of these displays His power, not just at that time in history but through all time, touching our lives powerfully even today. Like last week this is a longer video. Essentially you will have heard the entire song by the 5:00 mark but listen on if you’d like. Also, I was unable to find a video with lyrics so feel free to close your eyes and just listen.
    My King Forever

Ministry of the Word

There are TWO videos below for this week's message. (I hit the wrong button about 3 minutes from the end, and it was easier to post them as separate videos than to edit them together into one! -DD) Before you start, you can download and print the customary fill-in-the-blank sermon notes if you like. An audio-only version will also be available through our normal podcasting channels.

Here's the link if the video doesn't load within this page.

Here's the "backup link" for the conclusion.

Fellowship Time

If you're "attending" at around our usual time on Sunday morning, we're going to open up a Zoom meeting again this week from 11:30 to noon for anyone who wants to pop in and say hi. Click the link below. If you're using your phone or tablet, you may need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, but you don't need to set up an account to participate. If you enable your camera, we'll be able to see each other, it will be easy to "talk" via the chat feature (typing), and a few of us at a time can unmute ourselves to actually talk.

Here's the link to join the conversation


Our offering box at the back of the sanctuary obviously doesn't work so well in a virtual setting, and we have not yet entered the world of online giving. Please consider mailing your gifts and offerings to the church at PO Box 566, South Sutton, 03273. Thank you.