Expansion Threshold Reached!

For several years we have been developing plans to expand the church facilities by adding several classrooms, creating new storage space, and increasing parking capacity. On September 2, donations to our Building Fund passed the $120,000 mark that we had set as the "green light" to move forward with the first phase of this plan.  Once we have the necessary approvals from the Town of Sutton (we're scheduled to meet with the Planning Board on September 25 -- rescheduled from Sept. 11 because of it's an election day at the town hall), we will start the bidding process for the parking lot expansion.  This portion of the project will:

  • increase our parking capacity by 50%
  • improve the traffic flow at the entrance with an additional lane and a traffic island
  • add a sidewalk and new lighting to assure the safety of people walking from their cars
  • provide drainage that will eliminate the seasonal runoff that has made maintenance challenging.

We will consider paving and the expansion of the building at a later time, as funding for the rest of the project becomes available.