Retreat Theme Announced

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Our theme for the content portion of this year's Church Family Retreat will be "Luke-Acts: An Aerial View".  Luke, "the beloved physician" and companion of apostles, wrote a gospel and its sequel, both of which we find in the New Testament.  In the four main sessions of the retreat, we'll do a flyover at 10,000 feet over the landscape of Luke and Acts, where we can notice the big ideas, see where the rivers converge, and observe the broad "geography" of important themes that can be easily overlooked when we're trudging along in the middle of the forest.  Our speaker, Dr. Darrell Bock, is a leading New Testament scholar whose particular focus of study for several decades has been on Luke's biblical writings, is uniquely qualified to help us understand the "big picture" and what that tells us about God and His plan for us.

Here's the outline for the four sessions:

  1. The Plan of God and the God of the Plan
  2. The Holy Spirit, the Plan, and the New Era
  3. Salvation in Luke-Acts
  4. Ethics and the Future in Luke-Acts