Small Group Pilots Sunday Follow-Through

Trinity's small group that meets on Thursday nights in Sutton is piloting a new* approach to its Bible study content.  On Monday of each week, group members receive from the pastor a list of "Digging Deeper" questions related to the Sunday sermon.  (See this example from the Sept. 23 message.)  The focus of those questions, which provide the structure for the group's discussion time on Thursday, may range from pressing further into the theology or pursuing a topic beyond the specific passage to drilling down to the practical, personal, very specific implications of the biblical passage on daily life.  Those who were not able to hear the sermon on Sunday have the opportunity to listen online as part of their preparation for Thursdays.  One of the objectives for the group meeting will be to provide support, encouragement, and accountability for each member as we seek to be "doers of the word, not just hearers" (James 1:22).  If the experiment goes well this fall, we may consider offering the program as an option for other small groups at a later time.

Other churches have used this model successfully.  This is the first time it has been tried at Trinity.