March 22 Virtual Worship Service

While we are unable to gather in person for our Sunday worship service, here are some of the key elements so that you and your family can engage from home. Some may find it helpful to play these at around our usual 10:45 start time in order to maintain a sense of normalcy in the schedule, but they're accessible at any time.

Songs of Praise and Worship

These are the songs Tom has selected for this week. Just listen to the words and make them your prayer, or feel free to crank the volume and sing along. Each link will open a YouTube video in a new tab. Tom has included some comments, calling us to engage meaningfully and purposefully with each song. (You'll need to excuse any ads that may come up.)
  1. In a time when change and uncertainty are the norm, we do well to remind ourselves first off that our God is all-powerful and unchanging. Allow this song to prompt you to sing from the heart, either in spirit or audibly, declaring that our God who stands from age to age is truly great and worthy of our praise.
    How Great Is Our God
  2. With this song we sing together that the Lord God reigns over all. He has created all things and by His power all things are held together for His glory. Yet even in all His glory and majesty He chooses to personally know and love us. I really like these words from the second verse, “You hold my life. You know my heart and You call me by name. I live to say God You reign.”
    God You Reign
  3. Since our God is great and He reigns over all, and since he takes a personal interest in us, a wonderful truth becomes apparent—we can confidently put our hope in Him. When we put our hope in God, we know that in the midst of tumultuous times we can stand firm. As you sing these words from the chorus, let them steady your heart—“My hope is in You Lord all the day long. I won't be shaken by drought or storm. A peace that passes understanding is my song.”
    My Hope Is In You
  4. Here is another song that has us declaring, “I will put my trust in You alone and I will not be shaken.” But notice in the chorus there is a purpose and direction to putting our trust in God. Here we sing, “Fill me with Your heart and lead me in Your love to those around me.” God’s love for us leads us to love others. How important it is for us to find ways to live that out in times like these!
    Build My Life
  5. BONUS SONG: If time and attention allow, listen (and maybe sing) prayerfully as Mark Hall from Casting Crowns teaches us through song to make our whole life a song of worship, lived out as “a living sacrifice to reach a world in need—to be [God’s] hands and feet.”

Ministry of the Word

The video below includes this week's message, including the visuals. Before you start, you can download and print the customary fill-in-the-blank sermon notes if you like. An audio-only version will also be available through our normal podcasting channels.

Here's the link if the video doesn't load within this page.

Fellowship Time

If you're "attending" at around our usual time on Sunday morning, we're going to open up a Zoom meeting from 11:30 to noon for anyone who wants to pop in and say hi. Click the link below. If you're using your phone or tablet, you may need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app, but you don't need to set up an account to participate. If you enable your camera, we'll be able to see each other, it will be easy to "talk" via the chat feature (typing), and a few of us at a time can unmute ourselves to actually talk. A couple of small groups have used this during the week, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it works with a larger group.

Here's the link to join the conversation.


Remember that we're offering two 7-week Cross Training classes starting next Sunday at 9:30. The groups will meet virtually until we get the "all clear" to ease our social distancing. Details and signups here, and videos from the two class leaders below.


Our offering box at the back of the sanctuary obviously doesn't work so well in a virtual setting, and we have not yet entered the world of online giving. Please consider mailing your gifts and offerings to the church at PO Box 566, South Sutton, 03273. Thank you.