Winter Storm Communication

Hand Snow RemovalApparently the weather forecasters are predicting a winter storm for our area from Saturday afternoon into Sunday. We all know that forecasts can change and that this could end up being nothing to be concerned about, but we figured that this would be a good time to remind everyone of our procedure for communicating when a change has been made to our Sunday schedule due to the weather. So, if we make a decision on Saturday evening or Sunday morning to change the schedule (either to cancel Sunday School or to cancel everything altogether), we will:
1. Change the greeting on the voicemail for those who call
2. Post an announcement that appears in red at the top of every page on the TBC website
3. Send out an email to the TBC list (if you receive the Weird Herd Weekly you are on the list).

As always, though, we advise everyone to use your own best judgment about whether you should drive here or not. If there is significant winter weather and you decide that you can arrive safely, please note that we may not be able to offer everything we normally do, such as child care, since our volunteers potentially might not be able to make it here. It is still too early to know what we will get this Sunday, so be sure to check one of the three ways mentioned above if the weather looks questionable.